Mark Minevich
Author of

Six Billion Minds:
Managing Outsourcing in the Global Knowledge Economy

Six Billion Minds

"To those who continue to push globalization to advance the human potential in this ever-connected globe, I dedicate
Six Billion Minds. For those who continue, with unyielding faith, to push beyond the horizon, full of never-ending hope and enduring performance to change the world and bring us closer together, we have an obligation to do better.

I believe the future belongs to those without limits on what they believe can be accomplished. This book is an important and timely brain trust of global knowledge, representing business leaders, thought leaders and visionaries from all over the world. It will serve as a catalyst for discovering and targeting dynamic emerging opportunities for identifying the next wave of the knowledge economy, even before the trends and problems can emerge. Global outsourcing will be the key element of transformation as we move deeper into the knowledge economy. I am convinced that global outsourcing will create the next generation of entrepreneurs, knowledge workers, and business leaders."

Mark Minevich

"Six Billion Minds is a clear window on our rapidly changing world. It draws on an impressive breadth of wisdom and practical knowledge to help us comprehend and prepare ourselves for a tightly connected, global economy. All organizations - government, corporate, nonprofit - will have to adapt to this new order of things, and this book is an excellent primer for meeting that challenge. As the world becomes ever more connected, business leaders must engage the issues set forth in Six Billion Minds. Globalization will not go away, and neither will the appeal of sourcing around the world. How to think about these issues, and how to make the right decisions regarding them, is the mission of this book, drawing together a wealth of knowledge and practical insight from leading thinkers around the world."

Prime Minister Shimon Peres

"For those of us who believe in the inevitability of globalization, no better primer on the subject exists than "Six Billion Minds". Mark Minevich has assembled articles by some of the world’s best thinkers on globalization and its consequences, not to give us the answers to the above questions - after all, no one knows precisely how things will eventually work out - but to stimulate our minds and help us to think more clearly and deeply about the issues. "Six Billion Minds" is a book that everyone affected by the forces of globalization should read and, more important, learn from."

Dr. Irving Wladowsky Berger,
IBM VP Technology and Innovation

"Mark Minevich goes straight to the point: go global or die. This book is an insightful and necessary guide for both executives of multinationals as well as for owners of small-middle size businesses: it reminds the risks and the great opportunities that out-sourcing can add to your business."

Carlo Cico, CEO of Brazil Telecom

"This is quite a piece of work. In my opinion this book is not only about globalization and outsourcing but represents an anthology of thoughts and reflections on the dramatic shifts in geopolitical, economic and social dynamics which we are seeing and experiencing today. Globalization means taking down artificial barriers erected since the beginning of mankind. Outsourcing is a rational workflow that takes processes to places and people across the traditional barriers. This book will provide future political and business leaders with acumen to address the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s societies and corporations. We can no longer afford to be lead by philistines driven by greed, incompetence and narrow mindedness. The young, new generations of managers who will take us forward into this century will be intellectually stimulated by the opinions, dialogues and visions throughout this book."

Alex Sozonoff, Vice Chair, Peter Ustinov
Foundation and former World Wide Chief
Customer Officer, HP

"As the world becomes ever more connected, business leaders will need to recognize the issues set forth in Six Billion Minds. Globalization will not disappear, and neither will the appeal of sourcing around the world. How to think about these issues… and how to make the right decisions regarding them is the mission of this book - a mission which everyone who aspires to a leadership role in the 21st Century should undertake."

Kishna Palepu, Ross Graham Walker
Professor of Business Administration,
Senior Associate Dean, International
Development Harvard Business School

Six Billion Minds: Managing Outsourcing in the Global Knowledge Economy -- is a wake-up call to global leaders. A collaboration among the most accomplished academics and global leaders (over 60 top international figures), this book examines management challenges and innovation opportunities in light of the profound impact of globalization and the emergence of the knowledge economy. It shows how to build excellence by leveraging the vast global knowledge pool of the "Six Billion Minds" that make up the emerging knowledge economy.

While not perfect, globalization has been extremely successful for the world economy. It has created millions of jobs, raised millions out of poverty and improved the quality of life in countries that once were considered incapable of contributing to the world economy. Instead of debating its merits, we could better spend our time learning how to thrive in it, rather than letting ourselves get trampled by it. It is the role of Six Billion Minds to be a "field guide to globalization."

What is new today is summed up in the term "knowledge economy." We believe that Global Outsourcing = Knowledge Economy. And this economy is about discovering and harnessing the knowledge that can spring forth from any mind, anywhere. Six Billion Minds examines the seismic shifts that threaten to engulf long-dominant nations like the United States, whose world leadership in innovation is now being rivaled.

This book tackles the subject with great insights and blunt realities from the business leaders pioneering and setting the pace of global outsourcing as the next big element of the knowledge economy. This economy is about innovation and global outsourcing competiviness.

The authors have interviewed the most accomplished business leaders in the world and included not only methods, processes, and practical tips, but also human stories of success and survival – creating this unique exploration of the global knowledge economy.


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